• Hydrophobicity :Hydrophobicity is the property that prevents water from forming a sheet on the surface of the polymer. It also aids in cleaning polymer surfaces
  • High Polluted areas :Silicone rubber Insulators are preferred in highly contaminated areas like salty coastal, and other Polluted areas due to their lower leakage currents and self-cleaning characteristic.
  • Low Maintenance :When water readily beads and runs off a hydrophobic surface, it can remove loose contamination from the insulator surface. Removing contamination can result in lower leakage currents. With the self-cleaning feature of silicone rubber, the interval between cleanings may be extended.
  • Light weight :Silicone insulators are 90% less in weight compared to traditional insulators. Results in easy installation / transportation which avoids breakage and also reduces the overall cost of the T&D network
  • Flexible and harmless :Not susceptible to shocks or vibration no damage is caused in case of explosions or accidents unlike porcelain insulators where flying fragments could cause injuries.
  • High Tensile Strength :Use of special crimping technology with sophisticated machines , the metal-end fitting & the FRP rod are crimped together and made to withstand high tensile loads.
  • Resistance to Vandalism :Inherent high tear strength will safe guard the insulators from vandalism and being puncture proof and hence cannot be damaged easily.
  • Resistance to Temperature Variance :Insulator are capable to function well within a wide range of temperatures from -40Co to +60Co
  • Safeguard from rodent and birds : The insulators endure rodents while being stored and can withstand birds when erected
  • Earthquake resistant :Unlike traditional insulators of Porcelain and Glass, Silicone Rubber insulators are not prone to breakage thus ensuring uninterrupted power supply
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